The Keeper of Time

#100StoryChallenge №91

Lark Morrigan
Morrigans Wake
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2 min readFeb 26, 2023


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As the Keeper of Time, I bore a heavy burden.

Each Keeper of Time throughout history could see the future and change it only three times. Then they’d die and the clock would vanish and reappear in a location that would be difficult to find.

If another didn’t take their place in 100 days, then time would collapse on itself and reality would cease to exist.

Whoever claimed this clock first could become the Keeper of Time. And that could be frightening or reassuring — depending on who found it after the previous one died.

The one before me died while saving the kingdom from what would’ve been a devastating plague. I happened to find the clock on accident when I was passing through a dense forest.

A few elders warned me that the allure of clock’s power could lead to a shortened lifespan, regardless of intent. It was the reason why all of the previous Keepers of Time did not live past 40 years.

If anyone resisted the clock’s formidable magic and did nothing to change future events, they could hypothetically live forever.

Many misunderstood the role of the Keeper of Time.

The Keepers of Time weren’t as powerful as some myths claimed they were.