To Unlock the Sacred Melody

#100StoryChallenge (Round 2) №34

Lark Morrigan
Morrigans Wake
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3 min readMay 3, 2024


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When Siobhán awoke, she found herself gagged by the coarsest burlap and bound by sailor’s ropes. Her vision was blurry, and she had a pounding headache.

She had no recollection of what happened a few hours ago or how much time had even passed. All she remembered was that her execution was inevitable and there was no way to prevent it.

Her recent prophecies of the kingdom’s impending doom greatly displeased the king and queen, and out of wrath, they set a date for her public execution — however, the manner she was dragged out of bed and forced into the dungeon didn’t adhere to the formal process. Though she doubted they cared if it were unjust.

She sighed as she stared at the iron bars separating her from the world she’d known. Nobody else was in the cell with her, except for a few spiders and rats.

Outside, she heard the rattling of chains. Probably another prisoner.

But to her surprise, she saw a woman not much older than herself right in front of the bars. She glowed with an eerie light, and she noticed an archaic symbol tattooed to her cheek — it was vaguely familiar.

Must be fae.

The prison bars disintegrated before her very eyes.