Morrison Launches “Disruptive” Marketing Campaign for CAIRE Medical

Robust B2C Campaign a First for Makers of Oxygen Equipment

For more than three decades, CAIRE Inc., the innovators of the oxygen concentrator, has traveled a traditional B2B marketing road. In addition to supporting their current distributor channels, the company took an unprecedented approach in August — going directly to their consumers with the launch of a new brand identity and comprehensive website created by Atlanta-based digital agency Morrison.

The new consumer-focused

“The respiratory care and portable oxygen market has long been saturated with big budget print and trade show advertising aimed at durable medical equipment providers and physicians who prescribe oxygen for their patients,” says Jeremy Heilpern, President of Morrison. “The CAIRE team knew they had to do something big to reach out to their end users to increase their brand awareness in the marketplace, but also drive support to the many distributors who have initiated retail sales programs designed to increase their profitability in the current environment of declining reimbursements.”

Heilpern explains that creatively, the program focuses on a single, human truth. “Patients who need oxygen no longer have to fear that they will lose the ability to do the things that matter most to them.” All facets of the program, he says, are designed with “an emotional appeal supported by solid information about the proven technology behind CAIRE’s product line. We want consumers to know they can still enjoy an active lifestyle — even if they’re on oxygen.”

In addition to a print advertising component aimed at the B2B audience, the campaign primarily leveraged online ads targeted to end users of oxygen therapy devices with messaging featuring people living their lives, despite their health issues. “We want people to see that they won’t be missing out on those special moments spending time with friends and family and participating in the activities they love. The new direct-to-consumer website carries through the same creative approach,” he adds, “and provides consumers with an easy-to-navigate platform so they can find the right CAIRE wearable, portable or at home oxygen concentrator solution for their specific respiratory therapy needsIn addition to the new brand identity and web experience, the campaign leverages pay-per-click, social media communities, and retargeting backed by a robust awareness and lead generation program.

“Our goal has always been to help our customers by providing a variety of top-of-the-line oxygen concentrators and accessories that offer freedom and peace of mind,” said Earl Lawson, President of the BioMedical Group at Chart Industries Inc. “We believe our customers are best equipped to select the oxygen therapy equipment that is right for them. By providing educational support content via our new website, an expansive portfolio of products that cover all disease states, and a call center supported by our oxygen advisors, we can prove ourselves to be a valued partner in their long-term care decisions.”

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