How does the scoring work in Mortigo

[Quick update: If you aren’t familiar with Mortigo, Mortigo is a game designed to help you ‘Memento Mori’- that is to be your life coach for the death bed game, and help you live more fully. Basic premise is that only thru the contemplation of one’s death experience can one truly live life without regrets.

Mortigo is designed to share coaching and inspiration to not forget about the things that ultimately matter most in life and avoid the biggest regrets expressed by the dying. Each time you log one of those activities (ie spending time with friends or taking a moment to express gratitude) you earn points, which Mortigo will (soon) track and report in a micro journal format.]

You can read more about Mortigo here and here, or you can read the Buster Benson story that inspired its creation.

Scoring Points In Mortigo

The first thing you may notice about the scoring in Mortigo is that you can score in +1, +3, and +10 increments. The jump in scoring value is intentional and is very different from how Buster designed his own version of the death bed game several year’s ago.

In a very simplified way, a +1 scoring experience might take a minute or two of your time and attention; a +3 might take 15 minutes or an hour; a +10 might take half a day or a lifetime to develop — but the time it takes to “do” the experience is NOT the defining factor.

Here is a list of scoring examples for each category:

+1 Scoring Experiences

  • Taking a moment to stop and really appreciation someone or something;
  • Stopping to “smell the roses” like it might be your last chance;
  • Taking 3–5 deep breaths, slowing down and putting life in perspective
  • Taking a time out to stop and checkin with how you feel, and then deliberately choosing a course of better feeling thoughts;
  • Adding a new item to your bucket list;
  • Any moment of gratitude and appreciation;

As you can see, +1 Moments are quick hits and if all you did was collect +1 scoring opportunities you would begin to amass a gratitude journal that will make a profound and positive impact on your life.

+3 Scoring Experiences

  • Taking quality time (QTime) with friends and loved ones — having fun and making memories;
  • QTime alone — sometimes one of the best things we can do for ourselves is just take time to be alone with ourself and dive into the real, unfiltered version of who we are;
  • QTime getting in the flow of working on a creative project or hobby that YOU are really interested in;
  • Take 15–20 minutes to meditate;
  • Show your love and care by helping another person — give of yourself;
  • Do anything that helps you “get in the zone” so you are feeling tuned in, tapped in, and turned on” to your own life;

+3 Moments take a little bit more time to develop so they are worth more than the quick hitters, but they speak directly to the Top 5 Regrets of the Dying. By accumulating more +3 Scoring Drives in your life, you decrease the chances you will be laying on your death bed wishing that you had done things differently. With just a little bit of focus on living the fullest life, you could easily become a double-digit scorer and all-star in the game of Mortigo.

+10 Scoring Experiences

  • Every time you cross an item off your bucket list — that is a BIG +10 score for you and a life with no regrets;
  • If you do something that is new and outside of your comfort zone, where you feel scared before but elated afterwards — that is worth +10 points!
  • When you face something that scares you (public speaking for example) but you do it anyways — that courage is worth +10 points;

Quick note about your bucket list and +10 scoring opportunities: At first glance, one does not expect bucket list items to happen on a daily basis because we tend to think of those experiences as the once-in-a-lifetime, go climb Mount Everest kind of goals.

But what would happen if you made a long, long list of “things you would love to do” (notice that you get +1 just for adding an item to your bucket list!) and you set a goal to do one of them each day…

I think that would be a pretty full and exciting life, if you crossed of 365 items in one year. Wouldn’t you feel like you are really living?

So the next time you discover something that could be your “first-time ever” or a “we might never come this way again” — consider adding it to your bucket list and crossing it off. Your Octogenarian self will thank you!

Ultimately, the scoring in Mortigo is up to you. You choose one of the three scoring categories, and you complete the details (cite the name, a short description of what made it memorable; and a picture to memorialize the moment).

The chat functionality of Mortigo — it is both a game, a coach, and a chatbot enables you to log your scoring automatically and collect a “Journal of Awesome Experiences” that builds with each day.

One day soon (maybe on one of those down, blue days) you will open up your JOA (Journal of Awesome) and say to yourself, you know I have been living a pretty fabulous life after all.

And THAT we think, is a game worth playing.

If you would like to play Mortigo

Mortigo is free to play and we are working hard to make it better as both a game, and as your own life coach for the death bed game. You can get in the game by clicking here to start the conversation.
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