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Great Battlefield: Politics, Cyberwar, Art

What happened to the USA? To the world?

Evidence. Facts. Photos.


1. Russian Genocide of Ukrainian People:

2. Politics. Oligarchs. Mafia.

3. Information war. Cyberwar. Propaganda.

4. Protests. Neo-nazis. Antifa.

5. Politics via Art:

For years I warned you of this invisible war. This is a different kind of battlefield and a different kind of war. The danger is greater. The risk is as high. The task is as noble.

I fight with writing. How do you fight?

Design by George I.

Get on the right side of history. Read. Think. Share.

*All facts and photos are in the public domain and available through Google. Links to the original sources are included.

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News nobody wants, irrelevant items, odd bits of minutia, lost hyperlinks, with inscrutable meaning, told from an irreverent point of view

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Zarina Zabrisky

Zarina Zabrisky

Zarina Zabrisky is the author of IRON and CUTE TOMBSTONE, EXPLOSION, a poetry book GREEN LIONS, and a novel WE, MONSTERS. More at

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