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Because millennials are alive and well.

Well I guess, I’ve been Emojinized. It seems I can’t go a day without using at least one Emoji. I love how they can just sum up how you feel without using any words. So, here’s my attempt at recreating my favorite.

The moon face, kinda moony, kinda curious.

Things the world didn’t need, but we actually needed.

Oh look! The resemblance is uncanny.

Me and rolling eyes Emoji.

Debating whether we should have another french fries or not.


Duck face Emoji: bring back duck face 2017 from your local duck face enthusiast. C’est moi.

And if you think we left the duck face pose back in 2010. We did not.

True millennial.

Slightly smiley I ain’t talking about Miley.

Because we just want to make sure you’re having a nice day.

Pro tip: get your curve together.

Dog Emoji.

This goes in the category of “who doesn’t love dog?”

Such a happy doggo! thanks Snapchat!

You know, there are a thousand ways to post selfies. To write this post is one of them.




News nobody wants, irrelevant items, odd bits of minutia, lost hyperlinks, with inscrutable meaning, told from an irreverent point of view

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