Sexual Sadism and Mad Masses

Otto Dix, Spiegelsäle Erinnerungen an die von Brüssel — Mirrored halls memories of the Brussels, 1920.

“Earlier in his career the world had watched him with amusement. Many people refused to take him seriously on the grounds that “he could not possibly last.” As one action after another met with amazing success and the measure of the man became more obvious, this amusement was transformed into incredulousness.

“To most people it seemed inconceivable that such things could actually happen in our modern civilization… In the course of relatively few years he has contrived to usurp such tremendous power that a few veiled threats, accusations or insinuations were sufficient to make the world tremble.”

This is a quote from “A Psychological Analysis of Adolph Hitler: His Life and Legend,” produced in 1943 (!) by psychologist W. C. Langer with the help of Professor H. A. Murray (Harvard Psychological Clinic), Dr. E. Kris (New School for Social Research), and Dr. B. D. Lewin, (NY Psychoanalytic Institute) on request of the Office of Strategic Services (CIA in present).

History mimics itself with the persistence of a serial killer.

Francis Bacon, ‘Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion’, 1944

“In open defiance of treaties he occupied huge territories and conquered millions of people without even firing a shot. When the world became tired of being frightened and concluded that it was all a bluff, he initiated the most brutal and devastating war in history — a war which, for a time, threatened the complete destruction of our civilization. Human life and human suffering seem to leave this individual completely untouched as he plunges along the course he believes he was predestined to take.”

“…the leader of these activities became generally regarded as a madman, if not inhuman. Such a conclusion, concerning the nature of our enemy, may be satisfactory from the point of view of the man in the street. It gives him a feeling of satisfaction to pigeon-hole an incomprehensible individual in one category or another. Having classified him in this way, he feels that the problem is completely solved.

“All we need to do is to eliminate the madman from the scene of activities, replace him with a sane individual, and the world will again return to a normal and peaceful state of affairs.

Victor Brauner. Hitler. 1934.

“This naive view, however, is wholly inadequate… a reciprocal relationship exists between the Fuehrer and the people and that the madness of the one stimulates and flows into the other and vice versa. It was not only Hitler, the madman, who created German madness, but German madness which created Hitler.

Otto Dix. City.

“Having created him as its spokesman and leader, it has been carried along by his momentum, perhaps far beyond the point where it was originally prepared to go. Nevertheless, it continues to follow his lead in spite of the fact that it must be obvious to all intelligent people now that his path leads to inevitable destruction.”

“From a scientific point of view, therefore, we are forced to consider” him “as the expression of a state of mind existing in millions of people, not only” here “ but, to a smaller degree, in all civilized countries.”

To remove him may be a necessary first step, but it would not be the cure. It would be analogous to curing an ulcer without treating the underlying disease. If similar eruptions are to be prevented in the future, we cannot content ourselves with simply removing the overt manifestations of the disease. On the contrary, we must ferret out and seek to correct the underlying factors which produced the unwelcome phenomenon. We must discover the psychological streams which nourish this destructive state of mind in order that we may divert them into channels which will permit a further evolution of our form of civilization.”

Oh, and what does sexual sadism have to do with all that?

Gustav Klimt. Danae.

One of Hitler’s opponents in the Nazi Party, Otto Strasser, told OSS interrogators that the Nazi dictator forced his half-niece to urinate and defecate on him. The report defined Hitler as an impotent coprophile. Corpophilia (feces) and urophilia (urine) are listed next to each other as a “paraphilia not otherwise specified” (PNOS) in the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV-TR).

In a 1982 edition of the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry by Dr. R. Denson, states that when a person is urinated on, the urine serves masochistic purposes, and when a person urinates on their partner, sadistic purposes. The act of urination is used for humiliation. Those cases can be categorized as sexual masochism or sexual sadism.

To understand more about sadistic dictators and their nations read the full report below. And good luck to all of us.

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