Suspected Traitor Michael Flynn Under Investigation

Even too toxic for the Turks and Russians?

Michael Flynn wrote an Op-Ed in favor of Turkey’s Erdogan during the election. (If you think Flynn actually wrote it himself, I’ve got some land in Florida for sale.)

President of CharPon Industries

This is not illegal. A lot of issues with Trump skirt legality and morality. There are those whom believe that since the Constitution was dictated by SpaceJesus, that an act can’t be both legal and immoral. But for the sane amongst us, there is a lot of gray area. But on its face, Flynn’s actions, this specific incident, seems neither nefarious nor even questionable.

Turkey is an ally, both in NATO and in the war on terror. The piece of propaganda his outfit was promoting was supportive of Erdogan after a failed coup.

Turkey is important for two reasons (well, for a lot of reasons, the Ottoman Empire not the least among them) in our current world paradigm: it is next to Syria and it is the line for NATO against Russia’s ally Assad, has an AFB with a boatload of ICBM’s.

If Flynn is working for Russia, Turkey and the US, he’s only working for himself.

Presumably, it was US policy to favor removing Assad. One would assume that while it was not the official position of any US DoD entity to destabilize the region to then allow for a three state solution, you can’t rule that out. Further, one would assume now there are certainly proponents of a three state solution for Iraq. This is troubling for regional players for two reasons. One, for Assad, it strengthens the notion of the possibility of a so-called Caliphate. Two, it opens up the possibility of, if Assad or Syria fell and parts of Syria were up for grabs, a Kurdish state inside Syria.

Imagine then there are different factions inside the US military-industrial complex. Some wanted the entire region destabilized so they could go in for oil. Others wanted to sell drones. Some side with Turkey, but not necessarily Erdogan. Some want to see Assad go and have a three state solution involving Iraq and Syria. One would imagine there are Kurds in Turkey who might want to carve off a section of Kurdish Turkey.

One has to imagine at this point some, inside the MIC, might say fuck it, give ISIS part of Syria, get rid of Assad, keep the oil in Iraq, go with a Sunni Shi’ite Kurd three state solution over the region (ISIS is Sunni but would presumably not play nice with others).

The whole Trump Russia thing stinks, but Jefferson Beau might go down primarily for a racist past (no one crying here) and Flynn for lying to Pence (if at least for that, something).

But Flynn was definitely in the employ of a foreign nation and did not report it and was privy to top secret information.

What one would surmise though, given the bigger picture ala Maddow, forest for the trees, is that all these players are part of a new world where oil, money, secrets, data, information, spycraft, weapons, maybe drugs too, mercenary armies all blend and they all care only about their own ass. To say nothing of white slavery, sex slavery, prostitution. Can Trump brand Chinese concubines from Macau for Las Vegas be far behind? Or, one might say, escorts for export?

Russian Adult Model

Clock is ticking. Our president, the pimp. Who knew? Drain the swamp? Will Golden Showers be extra? Du jour or de rigueur? If Flynn is working for Russia, Turkey and the US, he’s only working for himself.

But presumably, the Russians want Assad to stay, Turkey is worried about the PKK, but Russia given its druthers might want to push through Turkey, destabilize Europe, get rid of NATO.

But Flynn could have been working for both Russia and Turkey, where Turkey wants to view anti-Assad Kurds as terrorists (Erdogan believes the YPG are working with the PKK and classifies them both as terrorists) and so do the Russians. Suppose Flynn sold them information about Kurdish forces for air-strikes in Aleppo?

Certainly Aleppo itself is not in Kurdish controlled territory and no one is suggesting that Aleppo would be part of a Kurdish controlled territory in a so-called three state solution. However, of course there are so-called moderate ‘rebel’ groups supported by CIA inside of Syria, and of course some of these are Kurdish, the DoD brags on this all the time in their own military magazines. And presumably some of them were holed up in Aleppo when it was bombed. It doesn’t matter so much if they were PKK or support the aims of PKK as Kurdish brothers in solidarity, or even if they were in Aleppo, all that would matter is if the Russians, Turks or Assad thought they were there. Of course they would pay for that Intel, true or not, and of course use it as an excuse and of course a scumbag like Flynn would sell it to them. Connect the fucking dots, he’s a soldier of fortune.

Was he privy to such information? Could he get it, in his position, through so-called back channels? I am not even suggesting that is what he did (full disclosure: fuck you, yes, actually I am, that is exactly what I am fucking doing), but that is the kind of thing that makes the situation so combustible.

Trump came in with no foreign policy experience. He got draped by all these four stars he’s just tripping over and right off the bat, Flynn looks like he’s for hire.

Oh, Snowflake! You don’t get it, it can’t be like Pinochet, he was installed by CIA in Chile and Trumpy is against CIA

Oh! Snowflake! You don’t get it, it can’t be like Pinochet! He was installed by CIA in Chile! And our Trumpy is against CIA. Besides, it is all false-flag, don’t ya know? Well, let’s wait and see. Hey, the stock market is going gangbusters, looks like St. Donny knows a thing or two about making money! Optics do, in fact matter, to some degree. Not to the extent of Breitbart Bannon doubleSpeak perception is reality, say it enough it becomes reality. But draping yourself around so many generals certainly looks like, in terms of optics, Pinochet in Chile.

This all, now, regardless of Flynn falling on his sword like Ollie North (who knows if he’ll get his own Fox TV platform instead of rotting in jail or if TV shows will even exist in an Ajit Pai FCC future, where alt-news outfits like Breitbart and Infowars have gained credibility through association with power and the legitimate press are attacked and the public arts defunded) is a fait accompli. Trump is discussing attacking the YPG with Erdogan, so Flynn, the middleman might simply be unnecessary.

In the larger context of a quid pro quo involving the possibility the Russian hacker collective used by the FSB contacting Roger Stone as the persona Guccifer to work as a back channel to Assange, and for Assange to release the data dumps tied to an impact on the 2016 presidential election in favor of Trump, one would imagine Flynn would represent, from the Russian perspective, a two-for-one. He would have influence with Erdogan and in a new world order in which Assad became an ally of Trump (still possible) [update: yeah, not so much anymore] Flynn could probably have functioned as a go between. Presumably, even Flynn is too toxic, now. Hmm. Sounds like there is a job-opening.

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