On Monday, May 8th, Sally Yates, former acting attorney general told the Senate about her communications with the WH about former NSA Michael Flynn and how she was fired shortly after.

On Tuesday, May 9th poor Rod Rosenstein got a little publicity when DT used his memo to provide cover for firing Jim Comey. The one with his arm around the other guy’s back is leading.

Things are looking mighty grim for the President. On Wednesday, May 10, he met with wise old DC insider Kissinger who I’m sure gave Trump some excellent predictions.

Who woulda thunk it? The VP and other spokes people told the press that DT’s motivation for firing Comey came from Rosenstein’s memo. Then the Pres said he was going to do it anyway. Well Mike Pence, this is what you signed up for: carrying water for a meatheaded billionaire.

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