The Iran Contra Affair

Why we need a Special Prosecutor to investigate Trump Russia coup

The Iran Contra Affair

In 1979, the Iranian Revolution overthrew the Shah and captured United States hostages, mostly diplomats, though presumably some spies, students and businessmen and women. More were presumably trapped. The Revolution was fueled by student anger, was a return to a more traditional religious theocratic government and has been in power ever since. President Jimmy Carter and his National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski planned a rescue effort which did not go as planned; was in fact considered by many a disaster.

Ronald Reagan was the former governor of California, as a republican; prior to that he was a democrat, president of the screen actor’s guild, an actor, and rumored to have been an FBI informant. Some claim he also did voice-over narration work for Army training films. He was rumored to smoke pot. He was also notoriously a famed TV spokesperson for a cigarette company, but in that day, many saw cigarettes as manly, rigorous and even healthy, as in 9 out of 10 doctors prefer Lucky Strikes. He was on Richard Nixon’s enemy’s list.

George H.W. Bush, father of George W. Bush (aka “Dubya” or “W.”) was a former director of the CIA under Ford and from a political family of wealth and prestige, bankers and war-profiteers going back generations. He attended Yale and was a member of the infamous fraternity Skull and Bones, with their sick Masonic rituals.

The October Surprise refers to a supposed meeting between Reagan and the Iranians to negotiate the release of the hostages (prior to the 1980 election). This has never been officially proven and actually not what the Iran Contra Affair investigation by Special Prosecutor Larry Walsh was about. Nevertheless, the day Reagan was sworn in, the hostages were released. It is widely rumored that if such a meeting ever took place, it probably would have involved George Herbert Walker Bush who had extensive contacts in Iran going back to the 1950’s. It would also suggest that there was something traded, something which the Iranians received, in exchange. This is thought to perhaps have involved weapons, since the Iranian side of the Iran Contra Affair was the sale of Israeli made weapons, through a German banker middle man (who died under mysterious circumstances). A more rational answer would be that they somehow tipped off the Iranians to Carter’s planned rescue attempt, that it was dead on arrival. And thus effected the 1980 election, and changed the course of history.

George H.W. Bush first officially has contact with Iran in 1956. His father, Prescott Bush was a U.S. Senator from Connecticut, a republican, also a banker who worked for Brown, Brothers Harriman, BBH, still, today, a very prestigious NY Wall Street firm. The Shah took control of Iran in 1954 in a US CIA government backed coup. The KGB was reported there as well, it being the height of the Cold War. It was known inside the US CIA as TP-AJAX, it was planned by Allen Dulles, in Switzerland, with the Shah and his twin sister Reza. The Harriman in BBH was Averell Harriman, also a Yalee and member of Skull and Bones and once the richest man in the world; inheritor at eighteen of the Union Pacific Railroad fortune. Also: a friend of FDR, former ambassador to the USSR, at Yalta, married to Churchill’s son’s ex-wife; a presidential candidate for the democrats in 1956.

BP the oil giant, stands for British Petroleum. The British Government owned 10%. Persian-Iranian, nationalized by then democratically elected Iranian Prime Minister Mossadegh (overthrown by the CIA backed coup in 1954 and replaced by the Shah) changed names to Anglo-Iranian, in 1935. BP is formed in 1954. Truman sends Harriman to mediate in 1951, the majority owner in Anglo-Persian Oil company (originally bought to fuel air-mail routes). Out of the 1954 deal, BP was formed as well as other numerous oil and gas exploration subsidiaries, and Prescott Bush converted his stock in Anglo-Iranian, which he’d invested in as a member of BBH in the 30’s prior to the war, and took stock as majority owner in several of the concerns and cashed out, in 1956. He gave these as gifts to his newly married son. George H.W. Bush divests and gets into oil and gas exploration in the Gulf of Mexico.

But secretly, Prescott Bush, who was cleared of working with the Nazis, but had his assets, along with those of Union Bank Corporation (the Berlin branch of Union Pacific banking operation which was spun off prior to WWII) frozen, was involved in planning the CIA coup, with Kermit Roosevelt and Dulles and then VP Nixon. And his son, George H.W. Bush, was then (both covertly and secretly, later denied but proved) working for the CIA was the point man working with the Shah. He developed this relationship over the next twenty years. His oil and gas company in the Gulf, Zapata Oil, was also a CIA cover operation and used extensively in the Bay of Pigs, aka Operation Mongoose aka Operation Zapata.

The same group of “plumbers” used by CIA in Watergate were trained by G. Gordon Liddy from the Bay of Pigs and were re-used during the Iran Contra Affair.

The John Kerry led investigation was eventually stopped by Dick Cheney, then a congressman from Wyoming. There were six found guilty, known as the Weinberger Six, pardoned by then president George H.W. Bush. The Special Prosecutor Larry Walsh’s investigation involved prosecution for those involved in the sale of weapons to Iran for four hostages still left after the October Surprise, and the weapons were paid for by the sale of drugs, crack cocaine in Compton from cocaine bought by CIA with moneys originally earmarked for humanitarian aid to the Nicaraguan Contras, by Congress, labeled as first-aid with the UN red cross symbol, secretly weapons traded for drugs. The investigative journalist reporting on the sale of crack cocaine, Gary Webb, was murdered.

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