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Oct 28, 2016 · 3 min read

Day 3

Peace. #love_stonedla @lovestonedart

This is day 3 of The Love Stoned Project. Today was a beautiful and interesting day. Thank you for letting me share it with you.

I walked about 3 miles today placing stones around the city of Los Angeles. Different neighborhoods of the city, some poor, some wealthy, some scary, some gated. I have come to believe the geographical location doesn’t matter, on some level in our lives, we all need to know that we matter. We all need to know that we are not invisible to the rest of the world. We all need to feel love and loved.

Love Stoned LA 2016

I shared stones in places where they could easily be seen. I never leave them on private property, I leave them in places where they will be accesable to anyone who comes upon them. I have to believe the universe will connect the stone to the person it needs to be with, right? I am silly like that. I also hug trees and talk to dogs as if they are people. I hear them back through their eyes.

I did something a little different today though. I gave one to the lady that was working in the drive through when I grabbed a salad for lunch. She lit up like someone had given her a million dollars and a day off with pay. I am sure she would love both.

I gave one to the young store clerk that was working at Office Depot in Torrance. He was so cute, probably 17 if that, friendly and helpful. I went back to my car to get one and bring it back to him and then I explained the project to him. He asked how to get involved. This is how we build a human chain of kindness.

Also, today the water protectors and people of Ft. Yates and Cannonball have been heavy on my heart and mind. I spent 6 years working on that reservation when Prairie Knights Casino first opened. I was a white woman working in a native casino, and at the time I didn’t realize the significance of what was happening. I intruded on their jobs, and they in turn accepted me and taught me about their culture, about family, about love. The people that are protecting the water that do not want the Dakota Access Pipeline, they believe that their land is important and sacred, unlike so many of us. They believe that clean water is important and necessary, and they are correct. And now the brave souls are facing a battle that I wish I were there fighting for with them.

I am asking tonight as I type this that you send good energy, prayer, thoughts, travel there if you can, support, care packages, anything to help them keep fighting. It takes a lot of energy to fight a battle that is so large it consumes and threatens everything you hold close and sacred. They need our help.

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News nobody wants, irrelevant items, odd bits of minutia, lost hyperlinks, with inscrutable meaning, told from an irreverent point of view