The Love Stoned Project ~ Day 1

Lost Angiest
Oct 25, 2016 · 4 min read

How I decided that maybe a little love and some art could change the world.

I try to notice people. I don’t try to notice what they are wearing, or the brand of handbag they are carrying anymore, like I once would have, instead I notice their eyes, the expression on their faces, their energy. I try to notice their heart. I try to make people feel as if they are not invisible to me, to the world.

I have lived in Los Angeles for almost 2 years now, and what I have learned is that just like anywhere else in the world, there is a very diverse mixture of people here.

The city of Angels is filled with dreamers, artists, actors, lawyers, agents, producers, recording artists, dancers, homeless, junkies, lost, lonesome, broken, and the one thing that we all have in common is love. We all need love. We all need to know that we matter. We need little reminders to tell us that someone see’s us, that we are not invisible to this world that we try so hard to belong in.

I am an artist, I airbrush mostly, but I like to paint as well. I try to donate as much art as I can, I do work on the side to make money of course, but a lot of what I do is created with the intended purpose to give to organizations, or donate to fund raisers, I simply want to try to make the world a better place through the talent that I was born with and have worked hard to create.

One day as I was walking on Venice Beach, I looked around. I mean I really took a good look around, not just on the surface, but the depth of the place I stood. There were film crews, homeless people, skateboarders, tourists, soul seekers, there is this beautiful energy there that I am drawn to, and then I picked up a stone and held it in the palm of my hands while letting the sun shine on my face, and the waves touch my toes. It was the perfect moment of Zen for me. I had the earth in my hands, the feeling of the water on my body, and the energy of the sun on my face. And I realized that I can share my art through the very thing I held in my hand.

Love Stoned Project 2016. A. Granheim/photo/art

I gathered stones and I got some paint and paint markers and I started creating. I painted a bunch of these stones to somehow share with the world Then I created an Instagram account to share this art with, to somehow be able to gather a human connection, not only can I leave these painted stones in locations around the city for people to find, I can share them with the world on Instagram, and just maybe if people find them they will tag this project in return. Then we have a human chain of art, inspiration, affirmation, and love. This is how we start healing the world, right?

Love Stoned Project/A. Granheim/2016

I know it isn’t a lot, but it is what I have to offer at this moment. I took a walk today and shared my stones on the walk. I tagged them with a location on Instagram after I returned home, but I noticed that on my walk back some of the stones had already been picked up, maybe they are in someones pocket reminding them that they are loved. Maybe they are pushed into the grass for someone else to find later. I hope that wherever they end up, they help someone. They give someone a little piece of something beautiful to look at. Art isn’t affordable for everyone, but we share our talents in the ways that we can, we can make sure that sometimes it touches the lives of the world around us.

If you would like to follow this project please find us at ;

Twitter @lovestonedart

Instagram :love_stonedla

This is our life. This is our planet. This is our responsibility.
Share love. ~ A. Granheim/Love Stoned Project/Los Angeles


News nobody wants, irrelevant items, odd bits of minutia, lost hyperlinks, with inscrutable meaning, told from an irreverent point of view

Lost Angiest

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Los Angeles based writer. If I write about you it means I like you more than I should.



News nobody wants, irrelevant items, odd bits of minutia, lost hyperlinks, with inscrutable meaning, told from an irreverent point of view

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