The Love Stoned Project :Day 2

How a little love can change the world ~ One stone at a time.

Love Stoned Project Day 2

Today is day 2 of The Love Stoned Project. What I am finding is that it is helping me just as much as I hope it will help the world around me.

I painted 25 new stones last night, surprisingly very easy to do. It took me all of 2 hours to paint them, gloss them with clearcoat, wrap them in tissue paper so that they do not get damaged in storage or transport (by transport I mean my Hello Kitty Duffle Bag that I carry) and put into a container to safely keep them until they are ready to find their place in the world.

Love Stoned Project Day 2

I started this project with the hopes that maybe someone would be walking by, see a painted stone, pick it up and smile. I just want to see people smile more, love more, laugh more, just live their lives knowing that today someone wanted them to be happy.

The world is insane as I type this. We are having political issues that are fit to be hosted by Jerry Springer. We are having issues with Russia, China, The Middle East, issues with ourselves. We are desperately in need for love, art, music, creation from our souls, and my hope is that this will inspire people to show gratitude to each other, pay it forward, be a little bit kinder.

Yesterday I had several people ask how they can join The Love Stoned Project. I now have people in Minneapolis, Pheonix, and other parts of California offering to help paint stones, photograph them once they are in place, and share their talent and love with the rest of the world. This is huge! My neighbor asked if she could take a few stones to Hollywood today so that she could leave them for those that need them. I gave her a bucket with some of the most beautiful ones. Hollywood is harsh, people need extra validation there because it will tear you down to nothing quickly in your quest for fame and fortune.

Love Stoned Project Day 2

This isn’t about fame. This isn’t about fortune. This is about healing the world. The Love Stone Project is in its second day of life today. It is still an infant, very small, but I have hopes that if it is nourished and fed it will grow into something big and beautiful.

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Thank you for being beautiful. 
Thank you for noticing us. 
Thank you for being you.

Love Stoned Project Day 2