Or What Happened to Mr. Oliver Stone

RT (former Russia Today) logo to watch out for.

Today, on January 12th, RT intercepted C-Span program.

Most Americans do not realize that RT stands for the Russian government sponsored agency. RT (formerly Russia Today) is a 24/7 news channel broadcasting in English, Arabic and Spanish worldwide. It was founded by a presidential decree. Its annual budget is over $300 million (as of 2016). It is a major cyberwar weapon.

RT employs mass media, Internet, PR, marketing and advertising techniques, Western mass media experts and channels, religious institutions, oppositional political parties and modern art. It combines modern technology with the Nazi, Communist and Cold War brainwashing methods.

Putin’s first move as the President in 2000 was establishing the government control over the TV. He arrested and exiled the oligarchs, shareholders of the main Russian TV channel. By January 2001 all eleven directors of the TV channel were appointed by the Kremlin.

In 2010, Putin’s government spent $1.4 billion on international propaganda only.

RT alters minds and emotional patterns using the brainwashing techniques based on physiological factors. It covers mainly natural catastrophes, disasters, crime, and conspiracy theories and creates the atmosphere of danger and crisis. The continual flow of fabrications instills fear, paranoia and confusion and causes stress. Then it offers solutions in the form of ultra-nationalistic ideas, militarism and the cult of personality.

Hundreds of journalists were killed and silenced during Putin’s stay in power. Here is an informative article by a Russian journalist Alexey Kovalev.

RT also takes over Internet. When its articles and videos pop up in Google engine an average Internet user pays attention to the content and not to the source. Skillfully engineered information is then shared and gets quoted by other (often reliable and respectful) news sources and social media.

I recognize these signature mind control techniques.

I was forced to take the four-year course in spetz-propaganda at LGU (Leningrad State University) as a part of my English language and literature curriculum. (This is the same university that Putin, Medvedev, and Sechin attended earlier.) The military department focused on political technologists’ strategies . We were taught to target the enemy and the local population. And this is what RT is doing.

Even the smartest people fall prey for these techniques. Oliver Stone’s Medium article published January 6 had a clickbait title “Russians are coming” and stated that Russians had little influence on the US elections. He also doubts the criminal nature of the Russian president. Perhaps, Mr. Stone became a victim RT.

The Russian government will not stop at installing Trump as Putin’s puppet.

Its short-term goal is to stop economic sanctions and have the US leave NATO but the ultimate goal is to weaken the US through the internal conflicts, schisms and, ultimately, dissolution Brexit-style. Why? World Power.

Today — Crimea. Tomorrow — Rome! Happy Victory Day! (9th of May)” Russia, Kaluga, 2015.

By inspiring separatist moods, the difference of opinions and supporting the conflict between the left and the right, the Kremlin will promote chaos and break the opposition just as it did so in Russia.

How to resist? Check your sources. Think independently. Turn to history and psychology for answers. And switch off RT, at least until you learn spetz propaganda basics.

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