Hillary still inspires with ‘Onward Together’

Hillary Clinton’s new non-profit launched yesterday, and it gives us hope.

I will admit that — as superficial as it may sound — one of the hardest parts of explaining to my kids the morning after election night that Donald Trump had won was that he “beat” the first-ever woman candidate (for whom both kids excitedly accompanied me to the polls to cast my vote).

It was an exciting time for them and probably — possibly, for better or worse — something they will never forget.

It was not an easy task to accept the devastating loss. True, Hillary was no “perfect” candidate. But contrary to popular belief, we are no perfect country, either — which is abundantly evident by the fact that someone like Trump could even make the docket in the first place. Clinton was by far the best and most qualified candidate, leader and professional to dare to take up the charge and build on President Barack Obama’s magnanimous successes while instituting her own bold and experience-driven initiatives as well.

In the months that Trump has resided in the White House (in between golf outings and post-election campaign rallies, that is), the office of the president has been one sad-cry inducing occasion after another, while the GOP-led Congress has seemingly followed suit.

So when someone like Hillary Clinton — who has largely remained “low key” since the election — comes back swinging with the launch of the Onward Together organization, it gives the country hope.

The newly minted non-profit aims to support and advance independent groups (like MosaicPlanet.org, hint hint hint) in light of Trump’s America and the powers of regression that have since risen to power.

The Onward Together website

“From the Women’s March to airports across the country where communities are welcoming immigrants and refugees to town hall meetings in every community, Americans are speaking out like never before,” writes Clinton in email to supporters. “I believe more fiercely than ever that citizen engagement at every level is central to a strong and vibrant democracy.”

“I believe more fiercely than ever that citizen engagement at every level is central to a strong and vibrant democracy.”

Visit the Onward Together website to get added to the organization’s growing list of supporters, and keep visiting for updates.

MosaicPlanet.org is an independent, community-based resistance movement; uniting voices from across the globe in the fight against fascism, oppression and regression of civil and human rights both domestic and abroad.

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