Submit your story today and be part of the Mosaic. is an independent, community-based resistance movement; uniting voices from across the globe in the fight against fascism, oppression and regression of civil and human rights both domestic and abroad.

Founded on the eve of Donald J. Trump’s inauguration to the highest office in the world, this community will stand as a platform for intellect at the dawn of utter insanity; an accessible and constantly active place for individuals and organizations to connect, learn and network in the joint effort towards a better, brighter and safer future for all.

And yes, that does mean resisting in the era of Trump.

We are currently recruiting for smart, active individuals to contribute content and deliver a solid, unified, defined message to the world. Whether you are blogger or video producer, journalist or artist, is a surefire way to get your voice heard and your vision noticed.

We are headquartered in New York, but work with content creators and individuals looking to make a difference from all corners of the world. Unbeholden to any outside influences or stockholders, we are free to express our ideas, opinions and liberties wherever and however the issues of the day lead us.

It’s super-easy to submit your stories. Right now, you can either reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter and send us the URL of your work(s). Or, just shoot us an email to

Soon though, you will be able to post them directly via our currently in-development website at So, stay tuned for that!

Since this is an entirely independent, grassroots organization, content producers are active on a volunteer basis. But as we continue to roll out new content and further develop our member base, we are looking toward developing a compensation plan in the near future.

So, what’s the hold up? Get creating and gain unprecedented access to a global network of people looking to ignite change in the face of the social and political dangers we face today.

Be seen. Be heard. Be counted. Join the Mosaic today.