Trump supporters offended by the Declaration of Independence

Long-term cultural memory is lost on Trump’s base.

A lot of Trump supporters are very, very angry with NPR. Their reason? The independent media entity is just far too American.

In honor of the Fourth of July holiday, the network tweeted out full texts of the country’s founding document — the Declaration of Independence — in 140-character segments. The social media PR blitz was in conjunction with its previously-established tradition (nearly 30 years and counting) of the document being read aloud on air each Independence Day.

This, as it seems, pissed people off.

For all its warnings of and proclamations against authoritarian abuses, unwitting Trump supporters mistook the actual, literal quotes of the country’s foremost document as a rally cry against our current tyrannical president.

Trumpers jumped to lambast the network for its alleged calls for revolution, not realizing it was referencing the actual Revolution.

Others referred to the Declaration’s ideas as “dumb” and “trash.”

“The nation’s most treasured texts are being interpreted as protests against the president,” writes Matt Novak. “Which really makes you wonder what Trump supporters stand for. If the Declaration of Independence is now anti-American, what counts as patriotic?”

For all their promises to “make America great again,” one would think Trump et al would have the intellectual capacity to understand what literally made America great in the first place.

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