Days of Hope. Ken Loach and the defeat of the British working class…

Intro to Loach retrospective at the British Film Institute, 2011

  1. Anti-union laws; beef up public order policing
  2. Inflict mass unemployment that subjects about 4m people to immediate, atomizing impact of the dole
  3. The miners’ and printers’ strikes of 1984–86
Raining Stones, 1993
  • The Dad — a last survivor of the world of solidarity, fantasizing to keep his dreams alive.
  • The Son — getting dragged into the world of criminality and gangs.
  • And the ex-wife, who’s part of the salariat, and for whom as for us this is an alien world.
Looking for Eric, 2009
Loach directing Days of Hope. BFI Archive.
Days of Hope, 1975



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Paul Mason

Journalist, writer and film-maker. Author of How To Stop Fascism.