Barricade at the Place Blanche defended by women. Paris May 1871

Divine Chaos of Starry Things

My play about the Paris Commune to premiere at White Bear, London

My play Divine Chaos of Starry Things is to premiere at the White Bear Theatre, Kennington, London on 25 April 2017, running until 20 May. It is a co-production between Stepping Out Theatre — the UK’s leading mental health theatre group — Watch Your Head and the White Bear.

To book — click here. To donate to the production costs, if possible clicking the Gift Aid option, please click here.

I’ve waived all fees and will be leading two post-show discussions. Donations will help bridge the gap between receipts and costs, including the charity’s work with service users.

The title of the play refers to a poem by Victor Hugo, after he watched communard fighter Louise Michel call for her own execution at her court martial:

“You were haughty, and seemed strange at these hearings
For nothing disturbs the weaklings living here on earth
Than two souls mingled into one,
Than the divine chaos of starry things
Seen from the depths of a great inclement heart
And like the radiation in a flame”

The White Bear staged a rehearsed reading of the play in December 2015 and it’s been in development since then. I travelled to New Caledonia earlier this year to finish the production draft.

The play explores the impact of defeat on working class militants who’ve lived through life-changing revolutionary events.

Casting and production team details to follow. Here’s Daniel Urrabieta y Vierge’s painting of a female combatant on the second day of the Commune…

Daniel Urrabieta y Vierge: Woman at the City Hall. 19 March 1871
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