Five questions for Angela Eagle

Anti-Corbyn coup begins

Paul Mason
Jul 10, 2016 · 1 min read
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The right wing press will be too busy supporting Corbyn’s challenger Angela Eagle to ask tough questions. But Labour members — and the electorate — need answers…

1. Jeremy Corbyn apologised on behalf of the Labour Party for the war in Iraq. Unlike him, you voted for it. Will you apologise? [ ] Yes [ ] No

2. Gloria De Piero MP used right wing newspaper The Sun, which is reviled on Merseyside, to urge non-members to join Labour to overthrow Corbyn. Do you support Gloria’s call in The Sun?
[ ] Yes [ ] No

3. Jeremy Corbyn joined the junior doctors picket line and supported their strike. Will you support the junior doctor’s strike? [ ] Yes [ ] No

4. Labour Party rules say the existing leader should be on the ballot paper in a leadership contest. Do you agree? [ ] Yes [ ] No

5. If Jeremy Corbyn wins the leadership for a second time will you take the Labour whip in Parliament? [ ] Yes [ ] No

If anybody gets round to asking these questions on today’s round of interviews, I will update with Eagle’s answers.

Resist the right!

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