ProgrExit: A 5 Point Plan

What the UK’s progressive parties should do now. If you agree, spread the word.

1. Force a general election within 6 months.

2. Labour, the SNP/Plaid and Greens to make electoral pact to keep UKIP out and stop a right wing Tory government destroying progressive legislation

3. Detailed Article 50 negotiations to be put on hold until new government in power

4. A Labour/SNP/Plaid/Green coalition government to negotiate terms of Brexit, aiming to stay in EEA if possible but in all cases to retain progressive laws on consumer rights, environmental protection, workers rights etc.

5. New government to call second Scottish referendum; with Devo Max on ballot and no-penalty arrangements for secession overseen by Treasury/BoE in case of Yes vote to independence.

If you think this plan is worth doing, pass it on and force the leadership of your respective parties to stop finger-pointing and start fighting for a progressive outcome to the election and the Brexit negotiations.

Paul Mason, journalist and film-maker (and Labour Party member)