Trump acquitted

Republicans become world’s first major conservative party to endorse fascist insurrection.

17 min readFeb 13, 2021


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The security footage shown to the Senate this week, of cops facing down rioters armed with baseball bats, in full body armor, many apparently combat trained, makes uncomfortable viewing for anybody who thinks America’s going back to normal anytime soon.

With Trump, inevitably, acquitted I’m going do an update on what we know about the events of 6/1, and look at the confusion arising on parts of the left, over what to do about it:

  • There’s people saying 6/1 wasn’t really that serious, and can’t be described as a coup attempt…
  • There’s people worried about calling for the state to repress the fascists, because obviously their main role in the USA is repressing black people and social justice movements…
  • And there’s an undercurrent of resistance to joining the dots between Trump, the GOP and the armed organised white supremacist and fascist groups, on the grounds of “my political science textbook says populism and fascism are separate, or the conditions for classic fascism are not there”, so maybe it’s all a simulacrum…

Unfortunately, there are also voices on the US far right saying: “we just found out that the cops can be insanely violent, and that the billionaires don’t give a crap about us, so let the far left and far right unite to bring down the system”.

This exact thought occured to the “left” rank and file of the original Nazis. And the response of the German communist party, under Stalinist control, was pretty similar to an approach that says: the state — and indeed liberal centrism — is the bigger enemy than fascism so let’s try and recruit from the two radicalised ends of the spectrum against the centre.

It led to defeat.

The German working class could have stopped Hitler — but their political leaders were in thrall to a bunch of wrong theories about fascism. And — because the fight against the insurgent far right in America is just beginning — we have to learn the lessons.

Five lessons of 6/1



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