It’s team Mossland.

Is everyone spending a wonderful holiday season?

Mossland: The Auction in 2018 has officially come to an end along with the final bid of the open auction on the 24th of December.

Though it may not have been the smoothest ride, the auction has made a smooth landing at the end of its two months journey thanks to all your support and feedbacks. (It definitely felt like more than 2 months for us…)

Mossland: The Auction shall return after an adjustment period along with an upgraded open auction system.

Before we wave our handkerchiefs soaked with tears 😢 to this year’s Mossland: The Auction, we would like to share the final statistics to wrap up the auction!! (More like a memoir for us..)

As we were preparing the service, we must say that we were nervously sweating our selves with worries to present a splendid service. We can never forget October 15th, the day the auction had launched.

As a result, we came up with several promotions such as incentives, pay-back systems and lucky draw event.

As days passed by, the auction broke it’s previous records every time. During the 30 auctions this year, all 258 landmarks were sold without a single miscarriage.

The total amount of deposit was over 300 million MOC and the number of bids surpassed 170 thousand bids. You can check all of the other statistics on the image below.

As the auction heated up, more people joined resulting in a thriving community with meaningful and hot conversations and debates.

Infinite thanks once again to everyone for the positivity and encouragement of our project. Big great fat love to you all!

We will be back with an upgraded version of the open auction in January so please don’t forget to check our channels from time to time. (Also leave an ear open for new news about Mossland: The Hunters! You will right??)

You will wait for the open auctions and hunters. Right senpai?

Farewell to 2018 and we wish you all have a splendid 2019.

Hasta la vista amigos! and have a Happy New Year!

Notice: Mossland’s Moss Coin(MOC) is an in-game currency; it has no inherent value and should not be purchased for purposes of speculation, investment or profit.