Jul 25 · 4 min read

How are our beautiful Mossrians doing today? This is Mossland.

We have returned with hot stuff once again for July! 😎

Samsung Blockchain Wallet Supports The Hunters and MOC

It was quite a big issue in July!

Right after the official application partnership agreement between Mossland and Samsung, Samsung Blockchain Wallet started supporting Mossland’s Mosscoin(MOC) and app ‘The Hunters’.

Thanks to this integration, you can use The Hunters through the Samsung Blockchain Wallet and stock MOC in the wallet itself by adding a new token.

👉 For more details, Click!

‘The Hunters’ Official Ver. Launch Schedule (🔍First Week of September)

Thank you bearing with us all the way from the beginning. All of your feedbacks and play histories since the launch of the beta version of The Hunters have helped us massively to develop and dive deeper into the betterment of our service.

Now, we are happy to say that we are available to announce the official release schedule of The Hunters.

📌 The official version of The Hunters will be released on the first week of September. Some major entertainment features are expected to be updated along with the release of the official version. Additionally, new items and functions, as well as a more precise gold box drop-off method will reinforce the gameplay.

📌 After the official launch of the official version, full-scale marketing activities will be conducted. You will be able to meet The Hunters in various sources of media. Numerous events and promotions await the launch of the official version, so be alert to participate in them all! 🙆‍♀️

Oh, and we are expecting many newbie Mossrians to join our community along with the launch. A warm welcome and simple guide for the newbies will be very much appreciated. Overall, Mossland is a community. 😘

Updates (June 16 ~ July 17)

Several updates have been made since the release of June’s newsletter.
Let's take a closer look!

👉Ranking System : You can now check each season’s landmark and hunter’s rank.

👉 Additional Landmark Menu : You can now search for landmarks.

👉 Tutorial : Now, there is a tutorial for The Hunters!

👉 Reset Time : Gold and check-in reset time have changed to midnight.

👉 Check-in Button Upgrade : An additional button has been added to check-in all your gold at once!

👉 My Landmark : (Limited to landmark owners) Your landmarks can be easily spotted in the landmark rank menu.

It’s summer holiday season now. Don’t forget to get in The Hunters now and then while moving around! 🏄‍♀️🏄‍♂️

Stay tuned for next month! 👋👋

Mossland Blog

Location-based AR mobile game that focuses in virtual real estate trading

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Mossland is a location based AR mobile game that primarily focuses in digital real estate.

Mossland Blog

Location-based AR mobile game that focuses in virtual real estate trading

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