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The Weekly Nugget

Your Friday dose of tech, branding & design inspiration

Welcome to the Weekly Nugget — Most Studios Friday wrap up, where we share nuggets of inspiration from the world of tech, branding & design.

TGI Fridays’ new identity is all about that Friday feeling

SomeOne has rebranded and renamed the restaurant chain as Fridays, with a more playful aesthetic and tone of voice that goes back to its 1960s New York roots

Designs for a socially distanced city by Mother Design, Accept & Proceed, DesignStudio and more

Where We Stand includes concepts by 15 leading international studios, such as a zoned football pitch, a DIY stencil kit for demarcating outdoor space, and parabolic structures to amplify conversations.

New logo and identity for Iceland national football team by brandenburg

Do Not Fuck with the Icelandic

Burrito delivery makes no sense

The economics of delivery apps stinks. Uber is offering to buy the food delivery company Postmates to make it stink a little less — for them.

White YouTube creators struggle to address past use of racist characters

Shane Dawson is finally seeing repercussions

The Apple Design Awards 2020 winners feature four creative tools to aid your process

…and four beautifully designed games to abet your proscrastination.



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