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The Weekly Nugget

Your Friday dose of tech, branding & design inspiration

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Welcome to the Weekly Nugget — Most Studios Friday wrap up, where we share nuggets of inspiration from the world of tech, branding & design.

Bezos Takes Back the Wheel at Amazon

The chief executive, who had distanced himself from day-to-day management, is closely involved in the company’s response to the pandemic.

Image via NY Times

Times New Arial is a new experiment utilising the latest technology of variable fonts

What if Times and Arial were combined then updated for today’s digital scape? Liebermann Kiepe Reddemann explores more.

Image via It’s Nice That

How COVID-19 killed hookup culture and saved romance

The use of Match, OkCupid, Tinder, and Hinge is surging, and video dating is becoming more and more normal, as people look for meaningful connections.

Image via FastCo

Media Organizations Are Developing Products Faster Than Ever During Pandemic

Publishers are getting new offerings to readers and advertisers in days, not weeks

Image via AdWeek

Magic Leap reportedly slashes 1,000 jobs and steps away from consumer plans

“Adapting our company to these new market realities and our increased focus on enterprise means we must align our efforts to focus on the areas of our business that advance our technology, ensure delivery of Magic Leap 2”

Image via TechCrunch



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