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The Weekly Nugget

Your Friday dose of tech, branding & design inspiration

Image: Nobl Organizations

Welcome to the Weekly Nugget — Most Studios Friday wrap up, where we share nuggets of inspiration from the world of tech, branding & design.

Gmail’s new logo is just a taste of Google’s plan to rethink productivity

Google’s productivity apps have a new name: Google Workspace. But there’s far more to this latest pivot than the death of the iconic Gmail envelope.

Image via FastCo

CBS commissions a series of stamps to visualise the ins and outs of voting via mail

Utilising the constraints of the delicate stamps, Danish designer Peter Ørntoft communicates facts and figures around voting in a recognisable context.

Image Via It’s Nice That

Fancy cars, fine dining, creator mansions, cash: Triller is shelling out for talent

TikTok’s top creators are taking “Triller money” to bring their content over to the app.

Image via NY Times

Branding a company that turns humans into soil

Design studio Civilization has given “natural organic reduction” company Recompose a new identity based on “family trees and route systems”.

Image via Design Week

MessageBird, the ‘omnichannel platform-as-a-service,’ raises $200M Series C

Now they sit at a $3B valuation

Image via TechCrunch



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