FSC / Chinese Letter of Ultimatum

The Chinese Government sent an official letter to the Taiwanese Pan-Green Coalition and Mr Lin Chai giving the Ultimatum to withdraw the independency. This letter reads as follows:

“The People’s Republic of China gives a firm answer to the separatist attempt in its Province, Taiwan. After the election in Taiwan, on the 30th April, 2049, the Pan-Green Coalition casted the most ballots. The President Mr Lin Chai had released a proclamation the same day declaring the independence of the so-called Republic of Formosa.

The Province Taiwan is an unalienable part of the PRC, thus, the Central Government considers any attempt of secession as an attack against the integrity of the PRC, the Chinese people and the Chinese Communist Party.

As constitution Article Nr. 52 of China states: “It is the duty of citizens of the People’s Republic of China to safeguard the unity of the country and the unity of all its nationalities.” Mr Chai declaring the independence of Taiwan violated the abovementioned article of the Chinese constitution, moving Taiwan and the people living in Taiwan towards a possible armed conflict.

It is a prior and undisputable duty of the Chinese Communist Party to preserve and enhance the territorial integrity of the People’s Republic of China.

The People’s Republic of China calls upon the recently elected Pan-Green Coalition and the President Mr Lin Chai to withdraw their independency declaration until the end of the 1st of May 2049.

Should this ultimatum be ignored by the Pan-Green Coalition and especially by Mr Lin Chai, the People’s Republic of China will not be going to hesitate to use its tremendous military power to defeat the current government and settle a parliament including exclusively representatives from Mainland China.”