FSC: European Federation Press Statement

Today the President of the European Federation and seven world leaders signed a landmark Multilateral Free Trade Agreement.

This agreement was signed by eight leading world economies that are important regional and global actors. Namely, the contracting parties of agreement are the European Federation, the United States of America, the United Kingdom of Ethiopia, Republic of Chile, the Grand Patriarchy of Russia, the United People’s Republic of Korea, the Federative Emirates of Arabia, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the Free State of Siberia. This deal will greatly benefit exporters, big and small, creating opportunities for companies and their employees, as well as for consumers. Almost all — 99 percent — of import duties will be eliminated. The global market of free trade that this agreement creates will concern 35% of the world population with trade flows amounting to five trillion US dollars per year. This is the most advanced and largest agreement to date. It is a landmark accord that sets the benchmark for future agreements and free trade.

The trade minister of the European Federation has released the following statement: “This is a proof of how we and our trade partners shape globalisatio. Through comprehensive and inclusive trade agreements that uphold our values of peace and free trade. Through this agreement we build a bridge to our trade partners, making it as a base for potential further cooperation in other domains. We are convinced that trade relations are a very important step towards peace and stability, because where there is a stable financial and economic situation this also leads to political stability. Trade simply works, and we know it from experience. Therefore we’re very happy that we succeeded in managing to negotiate an agreement that establishes the world’s biggest trade block.”

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