FSC: Pandas gone missing

Protected by the cloak of night, a group of unidentified, yet extremely well prepared and organised operatives broke, the Duiangyan Panda Base in China, into the high secure facility, home to the last ten remaining pandas, the national. All the security systems have been deactivated, guards subdued, and the last ten remaining pandas were taken from their sanctuary. Nobody realised what happened until the morning.

At exactly 8am a live feed holo-transmission link appeared, and the 9 pandas are visible, and a robotic voice on the loop keeps repeating an evil laughter.

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China is holding an emergency meeting. Pandas are the symbol of the nation, and their disappearance is already causing a sense of distress in the nation. Since the news broke, the suicide rate in China increased enormously, and a sense of national pride is severely bruised, and spontaneous protests are springing up all over the country.

China refuses to answer whether they have received any demands.

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