What do you like about yourself?

Twice in as many months this question has come up. Once in a beautiful post on Cup of Jo (and the ensuing discussion on Facebook) and once last week, during a mindfulness workshop.

It’s so easy to be self-critical, or self-deprecating. It seems innocuous enough, but if we’re unable to talk for one minute about one thing we appreciate in ourselves, how healthy or sustainable can that be? And how genuine are our compliments to others?

Here’s what I answered: I’m courageous. I show up, I raise my hand to do the thing, I have the conversation (and then have it again, and again). When I first moved to Australia “courageous” meant arriving in a new city with little money and no flight home, or going skydiving with friends. Now it means making hard decisions at work, trusting my gut when something’s wrong, calling a friend when there are bad news.

Courage is also writing, and as you can see from my lax blogging record, I’ve been shying away from public writing. So here’s a start.