Ignatian Spirituality and the Performing Arts at Brophy Prep — BLOG POST

Originally published with Ignatian Spirituality Network’s Global Hemispheres — September 2019

The fall production of My Father, Odysseus marks the opening of the 2019–2020 season for the Theatre Program at . This year, our plays and programming will explore the idea of Personal Objectives vs. Public Responsibility. What do we do when we want to take care of ourselves and our family, but the world around us needs our help? What happens when the added responsibility as a public figure, like a prince, princess, or military leader, plays a role in this struggle? Now, imagine the family dynamic is a key element. How do we navigate the way child and guardian relationships impact our decisions? During our generation’s time of change, we shine a light on the tension and balance present in our family and community roles and responsibilities. We dedicate space for Ignatian Spirituality and in-the-moment discoveries to guide us along the way.

Jay Murillo Lopez ‘22 as Odysseus (2019)

My Father, Odysseus is a modern retelling of the epic poem The Odyssey. Rather than stage a traditional or classical Greek production, we’ve set our play in a Southwest border town. The story is no longer centered on the Trojan War but on the challenges today’s families face as migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers. Odysseus leaves home on a quest, and Penelope and Telemachus are left behind in chaos as a new generation of suitors eat them “out of house and home.”

Following in the footsteps of St. Ignatius of Loyola, we are dedicated to serving others, and the theatre program is committed to embarking on this mission in, with, and through the arts. Today’s theatre experience extends beyond the walls of this black box theater. Starting this year, each Brophy production will be dedicated to a community organization or charity. For My Father, Odysseus , we have selected and are working with to raise awareness and support for their cause. We invite you to join us as companions during this mission.

And now, it’s time to “set the world on fire” and !

Carolyn Marie Wright hails from upstate New York and is currently based in Phoenix where she serves as Theatre Director & English Teacher at Brophy Prep and Artistic Director of Humanity Play Project. Proud member of AEA, SAG-AFTRA, AATE, and Arizona Theatre Company’s Cohort Club.



Content by Carolyn Marie Wright. Artistic Director of Humanity Play Project. Theatre Director & Teacher at Brophy College Prep. Member of SAG–AFTRA and AEA. Editor of ElevAATE.

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Carolyn Marie Wright

Artist & Educator. 🎭🎥📝 Artistic Director of Humanity Play Project. Member of SAG–AFTRA and AEA. Editor of ElevAATE.