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Jul 6, 2017 · 5 min read

Do you ever go into the summer season feeling completely lost?

Your clothes from last year don’t fit. Your swimsuit is out of style. Your friends (especially childless friends) seem to have it all together, while you’re just struggling to get through breakfast.

We all have those days, regardless of who we are.

Something that helps me to feel more confident about my day is knowing ahead of time what I will be wearing. Most of the time we, moms, hold off getting dressed until the very last second before leaving the house. It never seems to fail!

There is nothing wrong with Mom getting ready last, but if you have to throw together an outfit in five minutes you may regret it moments later. Maybe you put together a new outfit today. You’re feeling great, until you catch your reflection (while you’re out and about, without anything to change into) and decide that you’re not happy with your ensemble. You have to drag out the rest of your day feeling self-conscious and ultimately alone.

If you already have this fear of trying something new, you’re going to grab your unofficial “mom uniform.” Let’s put the yoga pants away this summer and try something else!

It really is as simple as planning your outfits the day or even night before you wear them. You just need to stock your closet with the right pieces! Just make sure you have tried your selection on.. probably multiple times and have your mind set. No more fuss or doubt because the decision isn’t last minute!

Now, let’s talk about some essentials you’ll want to add to your wardrobe this summer season.

cover-up romper | espadrille wedges | slides | sneakers | lightweight cardigan | cover-up dress | sunglasses | jean shorts | sun hat | beach tote | sundress

These are 10 essentials EVERY momma should have in her closet for summer. The styles are catered more towards the current trends to help you out for this summer!

10 Fashion Essentials for Summer

1.Cover-up Rompers + Dresses

The first thing you’ll need to have in your summer closet is a swimsuit cover-up! I decided to include both dress and romper styles because I think it’s important to have options, but you don’t have to choose both! I prefer romper styles, but you may feel more comfortable in a dress. It’s all up to your body shape and preference! (Bonus: If you pick a more opaque style cover-up, it can double as an outfit.)

2. Espadrille Wedges

Something else to think about for your summer wardrobe is footwear. You’re not going to be wearing boots in the 90 degree weather! You’ll want to invest in a shoe you can dress up like these espadrille wedges by Steve Madden. The fun thing about these shoes (besides the fact that I own them in black) is that they are actually dupes to a much more expensive wedge! So, you’ll really be styling in this option.

3. Slide on Sandals

Another great shoe to add to your selection is a sandal slide-on! Slides are super popular this year whether they be flat or heeled. A decent slip-on is so simple to pack while traveling or to literally slip on and walk out the door! You will definitely want to add the next shoe to your wardrobe regardless of the fact that it’s summer time.

4. Summer Sneakers

Sneakers are essential shoes for every season. A brand that is really making a comeback in the fashion world, of late, is Adidas. Imagine that! The shoes that were cool to own in fifth grade but lame after elementary school. I remember that there was a boy two grades above me in high school that wore his Adidas sneakers through graduation! The other boys called him, “Three Stripes.” They thought they were so clever, and now lo and behold they’re back!

5. Light Weight Cardigans

I like experimenting with fashion norms. Sometimes I wear sweaters with shorts and it’s great! A lightweight sweater is really just a good general idea for summer time occasions. This is so true for my fellow mid-west living mommas! Here in North Dakota, it can get pretty chilly as the day fades to night. I have been crushing on this exact style for a couple weeks and may have to just cave in and buy it! I love the light lavender color.

6. Sunnies

The next essential on this list is a no-brainer! Everyone should own a pair (or 50) of sunnies! This style is a great dupe for my Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses. The amazing thing about this pair is that they are under $15! Now, that’s a steal.

7. Denim Shorts

Another no-brainer on this list is denim shorts. The hard part about this item is actually finding a pair you love and feel comfortable in! My best advice is to leave the husband and kids at home when you’re shopping for denim. Make sure you’re taking a friend with that will make you feel good about yourself, as well! There is nothing worse than taking a girlfriend that makes you feel even worse when you’re shopping for such sensitive clothing. Something to look for this summer is denim with unfinished/raw hems!

8. Sun Hats

Sun hats are important staples to every summer closet. My hat of choice has always been a fedora! I just love the fact that you can wear sun hats to the beach, to the zoo, and out to dinner. Dress them up or dress them down, you’ll look great no matter what!

9. Beach Totes

One of my favorite things to shop for is next on our list! Beach totes are so fun and practical for the summer months. There are so many styles and sizes to choose from! One feature that you should add for this summer is an oversized tassel. Tassels and poms are so hot this year, and will add the right amount of sass to anything!

10. The Classic Sundress

The last essential is probably the biggest summer staple of all! The classic sundress can be worn to brunch, church, the beach/lake, shopping, and everywhere in between. Find a style that is comfortable and makes you feel beautiful. You will have your new go-to outfit for every outing this summer, and not have to worry about being self-conscious again!

I hope you enjoyed the ten essentials to add to your summer wardrobe, and that you will dabble in adding some of them to your own closets!

I would love to hear about some of your momma summer essentails in the comments below ❤

xo, Tay

To read more about my fashion be sure to check out my personal blog www.thatndgirl.com.

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Portraying the real side of motherhood; the good, the bad and the ugly. This is a combined effort of many mamas writing their journey through motherhood, one story at a time. Brought to you by KINDRED, a free upcoming app that easily connects mamas in their local area.

Taylor Magee

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Portraying the real side of motherhood; the good, the bad and the ugly. This is a combined effort of many mamas writing their journey through motherhood, one story at a time. Brought to you by KINDRED, a free upcoming app that easily connects mamas in their local area.

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