Getting out of the Frump for Spring

It’ s officially Spring and even though it may be cold and gloomy still in some places, that nice weather will spike up out of nowhere. These past few months have been a killer. Between having my toddler catching the flu, me having an upper respiratory infection and the cold, it feels like Spring will never be here.

One thing that helps is: getting out of the Frump in time for Spring. I’m finally getting into the motherhood fashion season trends. I get things early, which makes life so much easier! With the excuse of my son’s birthday party coming up I can snag a few new Spring looks.

My son’s birthday is the beginning of June. The truth was, it’s too early to do a beach party. We’ve done a pool themed party for three years in a row due to the weather! When you live in New England early June can be a curse or it can be the best time of year. That’s why planning your Spring wardrobe is SO important to help you get through the last cold spurts and into Summer.

You don’t have to be a fashionista to spruce up your wardrobe either! Even the famous fashion and lifestyle bloggers use casual trends without breaking the bank. Nothing too crazy and just adding a couple of pieces can really help. Think of optimism when you are putting together new items for your Spring wardrobe.

This season’s trends are: light pink, florals, flowy and transitional. From work wear, slip on sneakers, bomber jackets, off the shoulder tops accessories and dresses.

Trying out different styles that you’re not used to is a great idea! Use the trends as an excuse to go out of your comfort zone and into a new Spring look. Before you know it Summer will be right around the corner!

What are some of your favorite Spring trends this year? ❤

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Feb 28

3 Tips for Spring Trends On a Budget

Spring time will be here soon and we should all prepare for it… somewhat fashionably. The funny thing is that Valentines Day seems to kick off Spring out of no where. With trends and seasons changing keeping your own Mom style simple may seem hard.

We have all gone through the “frumpy phase” in Motherhood at one point in time. Not knowing what to buy or how to dress may be a contributor towards that problem as well. It sure was one for myself. My lack of wardrobe additions started after I stopped losing weight after childbirth.

Not knowing what to choose from may seem frustrating. Think of it as a Spring purge or Spring cleaning. That is why I created these simple tips to follow when shopping for Spring.

Here are 3 fool-proof tips to follow when looking for a new Spring Look:

  1. Try universal items that can be worn in Winter/ Spring or Fall/ Summer is a good place to start. I have always been known to be a plain Jane… meaning I wear plain or graphic tees year round!
  2. Letting go of chunky sweaters, and double layers can help transition into seasons.
  3. Some trends seem to squeeze their way in more than others for a season. Here are a couple to look out for this season: belle sleeves and slip on sneakers. Both are Mom friendly and in style. Another is 80’s wear, so fun!

It’s odd how one day you think “I would never catch myself wearing that”, and then years later that trend is in style. Spring is a GREAT season for your Mom style. Always casual and comfy but stylish.

What will you be wearing this season? I’d love to hear in the comments below! ❤

You can read more from Jalisa on her blog, Thrifty Haute Mom. Follow her on Instagram to see her fashion and budgeting tips she shares.

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