Practicing Mindful Mothering — Mama Mantras

Likes and comments on Instagram, re-pins on Pinterest, shares on Facebook, the list doesn’t end. My phone is constantly going off, distracting me from what is right in front of me, and that is usually my little girl.

I will shamefully admit that more than a couple times I have uttered a phrase like “hold on honey” or “not right now kiddo” as she gets up in my face, battling my phone for attention.

“I work from my phone.” That is my excuse, a good one at that. As a blogger and digital influencer, everything I do is on my phone. When your work is on your phone and you love what you do it can be hard to set the boundaries of when to stop working. There is no defined line, no 9–5, and no office away from home to leave it all behind at the end of the day.

Like all things in life, the decision to be present is exactly that, a decision. You must make it and you must stick to it. It’s just about as simple as that, but here are a few mantras for you mamas who are as human as I am, because we can’t be perfect all the time. I love mantras, they are little slogans to put around your house, in your phone, or say to yourself everyday (or at least when you need the reminder). In this case, they are to give you a simple but stern reminder of just how important it is that your little human has your full attention as often as possible.

“My full attention is essential for my child’s future knowledge of love.”

“I am shaping my child’s expectations in future partners by the way we interact now.”

“I am mindful of the time I spend with my child.”

“My child is silently absorbing the activities we do and the time we spend together and this will shape our future relationship.”

“I am human and make mistakes but understand that no mistake cannot be undone in some form.”

“I will set my intentions to be a mindful parent and soak in my child’s positive energy.”

Have any mama mantras? Share them with us!


Savanna Monroy

IG: modern.wanderer


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