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What is better than watching your little one sleep? Let us be the first to tell you! Slumberkins is THE shop for you and your little one to learn from and build a positive routine for bedtime and nap time.

Callie and Kelly created Slumberkins from a unique and original idea on their own. They are both expecting and are such sweethearts! Follow them on Instagram and you can purchase your very own Slumberkin here.

We did a little Q & A with Callie and Kelly to find out the behind the scenes on there shop just for you! Find out more about them and what they had to say.

Our Q & A with Slumberkins:

1. Tell us a little about you, your shop and what you offer.

We, Callie and Kelly, both grew up in the Pacific Northwest. We have been best friends since high school. We’re also both childhood educators and we started our shop while on maternity leave together in Fall 2015.

Slumberkins are soft plush creatures that are flat so they feel more like a lovey or security blanket. Because we’re both childhood educators we wanted to create something that encouraged positive attachments between caregivers and children. Each Slumberkin comes with an original Sleepytime Rhyme, addressing a skill for children to practice. The three characters that make up the Slumberkin family include; Slumber Sloth (relaxation), Bigfoot (self-esteem) and Yeti (mindfulness).

Kelly (left) and Callie (right) the creators and masterminds behind Slumberkins

2. What inspired you to open your shop?

What started as a hobby to make unique lovey creatures for our own boys, quickly turned into what we saw as a growing opportunity to infuse our therapeutic and educational careers into each Slumberkin. Once we developed the Sleepytime Rhymes to match each creature, it completed Slumberkins in a way that ignited a passion within us to get them in the hands of all caregivers and parents out there.

Our hearts feel so full when we hear all the positive feedback from parents using the skills along with the Slumberkins. When that connection is made, we are just honored to be a part of the special bedtime routine that is such an important time in building positive attachments within the parent and child relationship.

Sleepy Time Rhyme from Slumberkins

3. How would you describe your shop’s style and feel?

Our approach to the shop is very similar to the approach of our creatures. Slumberkins are cozy and welcoming cuddly plush toys that promote attachment. Our main goal is to give parents a tool to help them build skills with their children, while making that tool super cute and lovable at the same time! We hope this message comes across in our shop, but it’s constantly evolving as we work hard to grow our reach and amplify our message.

4. If you could give one piece of advice to fellow mamas on starting a business, what would it be?

Trust the process! It’s easy to want to be “shop famous” and have tons of followers on social media, but what is truly important is that you prepare for growth in the beginning by taking small steps and scale your business efficiently while staying engaged with your customers.

5. When you get really busy how do you balance running your business and being mamas?

This can be really tough since we both work in education part-time, juggle family life, and are both expecting again! We have learned the ever valuable word: delegation. We have hired on some amazing ladies to be a part of Slumberkins, from seamstresses, hand-stitching, shipping, and customer service. We were trying to manage all of it in the beginning and it just was not sustainable for the long run.

Callie and Kelly pictured with their lovely baby bumps!

6. Where do you see your shop 1 year from now? 5 years from now?

1 year from now: Our goal would be to have released another creature with a new skill and have an office location to house inventory and shipping.

5 years: We would love to have many Slumberkins to choose from and take on the role of educating parents or caregivers about building positive attachments with children using Slumberkins as a resource.

7. What are you most proud of with your shop?

We are proud of the fact that we have built Slumberkins from a completely original idea that infuses our love for our own children and incorporates our passion for education. It all began as a $200 investment in fabric, drawing out our original patterns, that are now patent pending! We also have a local holiday craft fair in the works. Each time we make revenue, it’s invested right back into scaling our business the right way. No debt and growth at a sustainable pace!

Thank you Callie and Kelly for taking the time to answer our questions. You were wonderful to work with and we hope to see your shop grow and prosper from the genuine hard work you put into it. Keep chasing your dreams!

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Portraying the real side of motherhood; the good, the bad and the ugly. This is a combined effort of many mamas writing their journey through motherhood, one story at a time. Brought to you by KINDRED, a free upcoming app that easily connects mamas in their local area.

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