The Title of: MOM

I am a first time mom of a handsome baby boy, who is now one. It is definitely a great experience! Watching him go from sleeping 17 hours a day to climbing stairs, talking, and even feeding himself is an extreme blessing daily. I mean, I have a son, my son and I get to see him grow.

Being a Mom is also scary sometimes. The overwhelming thought of being responsible for another human, a precious being, that is yours for the keeping can be a bit much some days. But at the same time that precious being keeps you going. They make you smile, laugh and cry all with genuine intent. Being a mom is one of the greatest titles I hold, next to being a wife.

So much so, I am about to start the process of being a mom all over again…

I am 7 months pregnant…by surprise. I am adding another baby boy in my life. Let me tell you, it has not been easy. Carrying this load AND caring for a toddler is beyond tiring. Feeding, playing, bathing and everything else has become like a workout for me.

The hardest of all has been my recent battle with a stomach virus that put my baby boy in a huge funk. At first I thought it was just an ear infection, with him pulling at his ears and crying those big sad crocodile tears. Then, I thought to myself, he is getting two new teeth so maybe its just the pain of those teeth cutting his gums. After a day of administering Tylenol for pain and nothing really getting better, I realized it wasn't the teething. I noticed his restlessness, fever, lack of appetite, diarrhea and need to be attached to mami. I heard about the virus going around and I knew my poor boy had fallen victim.

Thanks to this monster virus who now had my baby in pain, I too was in pain. It is crazy how as a mom, in an instant, you put all your pain and fatigue aside when it comes to your baby. Besides the many tears I cried for my little one, I was over exerting myself to take care of my sick toddler. The entire time I was forgetting to take my prenatal vitamins and to just slow down and ensure myself and my unborn child were safe. I hadn’t been able to get a good night of sleep or even eat a great home cooked meal.

This experience truly frightened me. The thought of my immune system weakening and affecting my unborn is just a nightmare. However, for some reason as mom, you just make it all work out.

When you are pregnant and taking care of a toddler you:

Learn that when your little one is sick, you immediately treat whatever you can and do no kisses on the mouth.

You learn to call Granny to cook some food while you tend to your sick little one.

To take your vitamins the minute the thought crosses your mind that you haven’t taken them for the day.

That your nap time comes when baby is sleeping to ensure you get enough hours of rest.

As a mom you keep faith that everything will be fine. You learn to stay calm for not only your own sanity but also the sanity of your little one. In the end you learn that no matter what happens, Mom is always going to be the one they go running to for help. I must say it is the most joyous feeling ever and I can't wait to share this experience with my new baby boy!

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