Goodnight Springtime

An adaption of “Goodnight Moon” by Margaret Wise Brown.

Past the dark winter gloom
There was a hope of spring
And a cozy room
And a picture of

The crabapple trees in full bloom

And there were three little birds
Almost singing words

And two tiny sprouts
And little kid shouts
And a few new leaves
And fresh-painted eaves

And a robin and a thrush
And a lawn newly lush
And a quiet little rabbit
Hiding under the brush

Goodnight gloom
Goodnight room
Goodnight crabapple trees in full bloom

Goodnight sun and the great big moon

Goodnight birds
Goodnight words
Goodnight sprouts
Goodnight shouts

Goodnight robin
Goodnight thrush
Goodnight neighbors
Goodnight lush

And goodnight to the rabbit hiding under the brush

Goodnight worry
Goodnight care

Goodnight fresh new springtime air

In our house we currently have two copies of the original “Goodnight Moon,” as well as “Goodnight Goon,” and “Goodnight Minnesota.” We read at least one of these each night. Tonight, while I sat in the rocking chair in J’s room waiting for him to fall asleep, I copied down the text of “Goodnight Moon” from memory and began tweaking it. Now if only I could draw . . .

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