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Mom Guilt and Other Stories

A half-black mother with mid-length dark brown hair, wearing a grey sweater and blue jeans, hugs her teenage daughter, a half-black girl with long brown hair, wearing a long sleeve gray shirt and blue jeans. They are sitting atop a rock at Garden of the Gods park in Colorado.
Photo by Meggin Tengberg of Tengberg Studio. Used with permission.

On Solo Parenting

“I don’t know how you do it.” I hear it all the time — usually from a mom who has one kid in a sling, a toddler climbing up her leg, and one tugging at her free arm, begging to go. She looks harried and grateful at the same time. I can tell she longs for the days of meeting her girlfriends for cocktails after work and now her greatest dream come true would be to poop without…

Motherscope is publication and community for women to write and share their own stories of motherhood. We believe every mother has a compelling story and that stories have the power to solve our world problems. Embrace your inner storyteller at

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Eunice Brownlee

Eunice Brownlee

tales of a grown ass woman (still) trying to make sense of it all.

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