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Analytics Engineering at Mothership

The Power of Data Modeling

How it Starts

  • Difficulty in reproducing or interpreting metrics
  • Data structures that are difficult to align to business problems
  • Inflexibility and data silos
  • No formal data validation or testing
  • Minimal data governance or security

Analytics Engineering

A diagram in 4 sections: Data Sources, Ingestion, Modeling, General Access. Within the Modeling section are subsections labeled: Modules, Marts, Misc. & Metrics. There is also a Testing and Validation subsection that overlaps both Modeling and Ingestion
How we organize our analytics data processes

The Modular Approach

DAG screenshot from dbt showing three streams of dependency flowing into a model called ‘mart shipment’
A partial view of a DAG for one of our main marts showing 3 modular models of different complexities.




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