German Mobility Award 2018: MotionTag’s ticketing solution honoured as pioneer for sustainable and smart mobility

Johanna Schelle
Aug 1, 2018 · 3 min read

The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure and the initiative “Germany - land of ideas’ honour ten excellent digital innovations that are dedicated to sustainability with the German Mobility Award 2018.

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Potsdam, 1 August 2018- According to the slogan “intelligence under way- innovations for sustainable mobility”, this year’s Mobility Award honoured innovative projects that drive the digital revolution in the field of mobility in Germany. An expert jury chaired by Steffen Bilger, MP, Parliamentary Secretary of State at the Federal Ministry of Transport, chose ten lighthouse projects out of 250 applicants which they considered to showcase innovative, digital solutions for tomorrow’s mobility. MotionTag’s solution “TicketEasy” thereby was judged as a best-practice project, establishing a strong digital link between society and mobility.

Today’s public transport and the process of buying tickets are considered complicated and time-consuming by customers. Transport providers hence have to create more user-centred services, yet, they lack knowledge about how their services are being used. Applying deep learning, MotionTag develops a smartphone-based ticketing platform that makes conventional tickets and familiarity with tariff systems redundant, guaranteeing a seamless travel experience. Users only have to start a journey manually in an app and thereafter can travel on any mode of transport with different transport providers. The technology detects the journey travelled, creates an automatic check-out once the journey has been finished and charges the best-price. Service providers receive a precise overview of how and by which modes users travel, enabling them to offer needs-oriented services to their customers.

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MotionTag’s pay-as-you-go ticketing solution

MotionTag’s mobility solution “TicketEasy” is leading the way for an intermodal future mobility and has positive ecological, social and economic effects. For providers as well as for users the solution proves more cost and time efficient and offers a relaxed way of using and providing travel services. Furthermore, the advantages of “TicketEasy” stand in stark contrast to the current, outdated transport system, and encourage citizens to use public transport instead of their cars. This way carbon emissions are reduced in the long-term while urban mobility becomes more sustainable and cities more liveable.

We welcome to see that sustainability and digitisation have become a central point in the field of mobility in Germany and that innovative solutions achieving such changes are being promoted. We at MotionTag work on tomorrow’s mobility on a daily basis and are happy that our efforts are noticed and appreciated at the decision-making level”, states MotionTag’s CEO Stephan Leppler.

About the German Mobility Award

Through the German Mobility Award, the initiative “Germany - land of ideas” and the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure provide a public stage for intelligent mobility solutions and digital innovations. The German Mobility Award is supported by the members of the platform “Digital Networks and Mobility” of the digital summit: Continental Automotive GmbH, Deutsche Bahn AG, Deutsche Telekom AG, Ericsson GmbH, Esri Deutschland GmbH, Huawei Technologies Deutschland GmbH and the association of German transport operators.

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