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Hand Drawn Animations

A collection of things I scribble on my iPhone and iPad.

On learning Mandarin Chinese…

Chinese is a pictorial language, it’s very effective to learn the characters by animating them.

Some fundamental symbols of the Chinese language and culture. Every day I came home from work and drew atleast 50 frames to complete each of these letters.
Left — Iterations to find the right Chinese master. Right — The master explaining Wu Xing — The 5 elements of the chinese philosophy.

On my first written article…

I want more people to learn and draw animations. I believe it is a very powerful way of expression.

I absolutely ❤️ how small small and simple gifs like these have the power to communicate BIG ideas.

On my sister’s wedding…

I drew some frames when I got time to touch that screen.

On winter festivities in India…

So much culture and so many lights.

On friendship and friends…

People who simplify your life (and complicate it at times).

Friends can be really gross. They may sip starbucks for the whole day and then drool on their bed for the whole night.
But with friends you can throw frisbees around and pretend to watch Game of Thrones

On Music and Dance…

Something that has the power to take you to a completely different universe.

On work and workplace…

Workplaces can be a enjoyable and annoying at the same time.

On human life…

The small and not so small things we do.

We tap buttons. We open doors. We throw things.
We Chill.
We Entertain.
We Imagine.
We get addicted.
We doodle.
We talk.
We Destroy.
We Feel.
We change the world!

Thank You




Preserving the best in motion and animation — Estd. 2018

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