Can an AI create Schlager-lyrics? Motius Discovery Q2 - 2021

Daniela Heinz
Jul 9 · 1 min read

At Motius, we believe that the urge to explore, discover and learn is inherent in every human being. This urge helps to develop new skills, think outside the box, and stretch abilities. And it perfectly aligns with the R in R&D.

As a tech company, we use Discovery as one of our internal innovation management methods. To be more specific, it is how we gather tech expertise and stay close to the newest technologies. During Discovery, we provide time, space, and resources apart from customer projects and operative tasks to just focus on our own internal projects. Read more about how and why we do Discovery in our blog.

Can an AI write Schlager-lyrics? We wanted to find out and expand our knowledge on the latest advancements in Natural Language Processing at the same time. Daniel Wessel experimented with pre-trained german language models (provided over Hugging Face by the MDZ Digital Library team at the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek). Watch the recording of his presentation to find out if an AI will soon replace our beloved Helene Fischer at the next Octoberfest:

SchlagerAI Project Presentation

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