CES 2020: Products and Innovations that Nobody Expected

Christopher Grobe
Feb 3, 2020 · 3 min read
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If you followed the CES in Las Vegas, you probably heard all about Sony’s car and flying taxis. No need to talk more about that. Instead, we’ll have a look at products and innovations that nobody expected (and maybe nobody needs)— so that you get to know the “products of the future.”

For better sleep and better health

We all know that mosquitoes can bug the hell out of us. But we often forget that they can also be really dangerous as they can carry and pass on serious diseases. Because of that, we’re “lucky” to present Bzigo, the first device that actively detects and locates mosquitoes.

It’s smarter than a bug zapper, safer than repellent and doesn’t affect your daily lives. Moreover, it sends you a notification via Wi-Fi so that you can directly do your job and get rid of the dangerous mosquito. The company itself also gives advice on different ways to fulfill that job (so much value added, hey). And the best thing? With a predicted price of $169, it’s definitely worth it. Not.

The first living smart device

Alexa, Siri & Co. — smart devices and intelligent personal assistants are all over the place. But now a true innovation seems to be happening. It’s a smart device that doesn’t just think and answers questions — it really lives. What is it? A potato. *can’t believe that we actually talk about this*

Motius Tech-Dosis Subscription
Motius Tech-Dosis Subscription

Superior to its competitors, ultra-flexible (you can use any potato) and biodegradable — everything that you wish for and a little extra. We don’t even have any more words for it. Just check it out yourself in the video below.

Innovations that matter for life

The average human spends more than three months of his life on the toilet. Although the bathroom is such an important part of our lives, there hasn’t been much innovation in a long time. Luckily (?), Charmin’s GoLab is here to help. At CES, they presented three innovations that will change our bathroom experience forever. What have they got?

RollBot, SmellSense and V.I.Pee
RollBot, SmellSense and V.I.Pee
RollBot, SmellSense & V.I.Pee — Charmin’s CES “Innovations”. Source: P&G Life Lab.
  1. A rolling robot that brings you fresh toilet paper. If you ever run out of toilet paper while sitting on the pan, use your smartphone to call him and he’ll be happy to help.
  2. A smell sensor that checks if it’s okay to enter the bathroom or if you better let it air out a bit more.
  3. V.I.Pee, the ultimate portable toilet that doesn’t let you miss a second of the event you’re at. How does it do that? Virtual Reality. No more words needed.

Products of the future

Bathroom innovations, a mosquito locator and the first living smart device. We didn’t see those innovations coming and we still don’t know if we’ll actually need them. But for some people, they are the products of the future. For us, products of the future are something different — we know what you need to innovate.

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