May we introduce: The Motius Brand Refresh

Louis Mappes
Dec 16, 2020 · 4 min read

Over the last seven years, Motius has been continuously growing and evolving. Not only the different technologies that we work with, but also the fact that Motius is established among the fastest-growing tech start-ups in Europe, the new headquarters in Parkstadt Schwabing or the additional offices in Dubai and Stuttgart. The key to that constant change is the unique company structure and the methods that are used to ensure that Motees continuously improve the skills and tech expertise while building knowledge in a diverse and ever-changing environment.

If you have been following Motius for a while, you might have seen that quite recently, we have updated the visual appearance as well.

The Motius Identity

Ever since Motius was founded, we have been working with cutting-edge technologies to develop innovative tech products for world-renowned customers. While working on groundbreaking new technologies, we created and fostered a culture with a growth mindset, the curiosity to always challenge the status quo and discover new things and actually act on it to create impactful solutions. But did our brand represent all of this?

Why we decided to update our brand

Despite all that change and growth within the company, there was one thing that did not change over the years: Our corporate design. Mainly, because there was nothing crucially wrong with it per se: and using the “Motius Blue’’ was always a very recognizable, unique brand element that people loved.

Nevertheless, over the last years, we realized that other elements of our visual appearance slowly became outdated and were simply not representing the young, innovative company that Motius is. As a matter of fact, with more and more people joining the company and project partners working with us, we received several comments stating that the website was an understatement to our brand.

When we started working on a new website this year, we realized all the limitations of the old design soon:

  • No matter how much we tried to tweak our typefaces, the former typography never felt as modern, young and dynamic as we wanted to.
  • Our color palette was very minimalistic and left little to no room for designing high quality illustrations and elements.
  • It was nearly impossible to create any visuals without adding new colors, (same goes for the design language and icons).
  • We wanted to leverage the potential of state-of-the-art digital design especially on the website and were simply not able to do so with the old design.

So, while we started working on the website relaunch, we decided to freshen up our brand on the go.

The new Motius Design

The goal of our new brand identity

The website context quickly set the scope for the brand refresh project. We knew that we wanted to update our look, but at the same time we did not want it to feel like a completely different brand. Rather, the final result should feel like an upgrade. A Motius 2.0, if you will.

Motius is constantly growing

As mentioned in the beginning of this article, Motius has evolved massively. While we started as a company that was centered around enabling students to create an impact (“powered by students” was our claim in the early years), we evolved to become a highly professional company working with industry leaders (customers and employees). Our old brand was simply not reflecting this enough. Instead, we aimed for something that represented the level of professionalism and quality.

Motius is shaping the forefront of tech-trends

This is one of our core strengths and we are very proud to enable our customers to leverage the potential of new technologies. Over the years, the trends in design and visual languages have evolved as well, so we wanted to create a branding that represents our leadership with the trends of the future adequately.

Motius brings a fresh approach to a traditional industry

While many of our competitors still fit the traditional German service provider stereotype, we never identified as one of them. Neither as being something traditional, nor with being a pure service-provider. Instead, we see ourselves as something close to an external R&D department that enables future growth.

With our unique fluid structure, our company culture and the focus on new technologies, Motius brings a new, unexpected and refreshing vibe into the field which our Motees and customers love about us.

With the brand refresh, we’re able to represent what we stand for. It gives us the visual appearance that represents all of this.

Motius 2.0

We believe that our updated brand communicates what we stand for. It feels modern, innovative and incorporates future trends in design. The sleak and clean design represents the quality and professionalism that Motius has evolved into. The updated visuals, colors, icons and font bring us closer to being a lifestyle brand. With that, it is another milestone in the pursuit of our vision: becoming the best place for techies.

Want to know how the brand refresh looks and feels in real-life? Check out our new website and convince yourself.

We are an R&D company that is specialized in the newest…

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