5 Simple Ways to Practice Self-Love

Tiphany Kane
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6 min readAug 25, 2021

Self-Love is a Muscle that Can Be Grown

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I remember sitting in therapy, in the midst of an ugly divorce, crying because I felt so heartbroken, exhausted, and lost. I felt like a failure, an imposter, and a terrible mother. I sat on that couch, small and defeated. I was in the midst of a massive bout of self-loathing, and my therapist looked me square in the eyes and told me that I needed to practice self-love. I remember looking at her and thinking, “Self-love, what is she talking about? How do I love myself when everything is so ugly?”

After that conversation, I went on a quest to discover what self-love means and exactly how to practice it. I read books, watched videos, got therapy, worked with a life coach, and opened myself up to new friends. One of these new friends, Renata Ururahy, is an energy healer and spiritual seeker. She is very gifted at practicing self-love and helping others to grow their self-love muscle. Her biggest advice was to start practicing growing your self-love muscle by doing very small acts of honoring your own needs.

Here are some simple ways I practiced self-love. Focusing on these small steps can help us all grow our self-love muscle:

  1. Listen to what your body needs.

Have you ever been thirsty but forgot to drink even a sip of water because you were so busy? Have you ever needed to go to the bathroom but waited until it became painful because you didn’t want to interrupt the meeting you were in? Have you ever been so busy that you forgot to eat?

Those are all perfect examples of us doing the exact opposite of self-love. In not listening and honoring your need for a drink of water, a bathroom break, or a meal, you are telling yourself that you are not important enough. Would you ever deny your child a meal because you were too busy? Of course, you wouldn’t. We are often generous in meeting the needs of others but stingy in meeting our own simple needs.

So next time you are thirsty, stop what you are doing and take that drink of water. Pause. Feel the cool water dripping down your throat and quenching your thirst. Make it a tiny, meditative moment of gratitude and self-care.

2. Say NO

Tiphany Kane
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