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Motivate the Mind

A sanguine short story

Photo by Andrea Davis on Unsplash

This morning welcomes the smell of coffee. She recently read an article about the health benefits of regular coffee drinking such as protecting from vascular disease and decreasing the risk of depression. It was interesting to learn that there are coffee substitutes in the nature where you feel the similar joy. The only difference is not it is not served in a coffee shop. You can find it only locally or lucky enough in the nature. Areca palm from India, its fruit areca is consumed daily that gives you enough euphoria and cosiness inside. She moved her attention to the book on the desk. She moved this apartment two years ago. Tiny home with one bedroom and living room. There were two main reasons of choosing this apartment: 1) it has patio, 2) the kitchen is separate from the living room with a rectangular serving window. She put a wooden bamboo coffee table and blue chair at the corner. She like watching through the window and check on her plants on the patio. For the last two weeks, she keeps thinking of her dog that passes away last year now more often. You may think as just the time of the year or a dog remniscent of her. She looks at her picture and tries to remember how it feels like when she was around her. Initially it was hard to hold her tears come down. So last week she came up with a solution with the name of: Sanguine. She will put her picture on the wallpaper of the phone. She chose her best artistic pose, which her sister shot it after a nice summer walk. You can see the meaning of `cheer`in her eyes. Look at her~ reminded herself each time she needs courage, breath out suppressednoiseofmind. She watched inside to see whether the meaning of the picture and emotions arose each time change.

Monday: She still remembers her death looking at her picture. She imagined bleeding to death (remember she was not with her when she passed away. She forced herself to be outside. Her parents continued to take care of her even after long time she moved out. She got sick with aging. This made her mom got ill as well. So they brought her to a vet house. The house where she died. The word death does not make her sad.) The way how she died made him feel sad. She bled.

Tuesday: Decided to cycle to work today. It is cold outside. She checked her phone upon arrival. Her dog smiles like a sunshine.

Wednesday: Cooking dinner tonight with friends. She met her friend`s dog. The dog wanted to lick her cheeks and put her pawn to her hand.

Thursday: Work is crazy busy lol. She is late to this and that. Bla bla. Need a booster. Looking into her eyes. Yes her dog believes in her!

Friday: She completed the week. She did her best. As a family, they offered the unconditional love. Imagine for a blink, she had a happy adventure in this life and died in peace!




Motivation is one of the most important keys to success. It inspires action and keeps you going when times get tough. Find your motivation and keep it with our motivational stories!

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