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Motivate the Mind

Acceptance is the way of Life

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Is this something only I am observing with publications on Medium?

When publications are new on Medium, everyone is welcome to write, share their stories, and contribute and relish the platform.

Every writer is thrilled to see their work up there on Medium, it is a great place to be seen.

As publications widen their network and spread their wings, things change. Suddenly there are strict rules, everything that makes the writer not to be seen again there! Of course, the publisher has the right to do what she/he chooses and lay down stringent guidelines, everything from formatting to whatever — the whole lot applies!

It is such a sense of deflation and sadness. Such a letdown, like a parent asking the child to leave home! Somehow, our work does not appear anymore. Suddenly, the publication sees our writing as not worth their platform! We are the rotten cookies.

Well, that’s how life is, isn’t it?

There are ups and downs and lows and highs.

Let’s pick up the strings and move on…sigh!

There is a tomorrow and there will be another day and time,

Let’s not get bogged down by unwanted ties.

We will take it in our strides and enjoy the sunshine!

Medium is here to stay and so are we.



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