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Art Is A Risk Willingily Taken

Photo by Torsten Dederichs on Unsplash

Art is a risk. Beyond just the simple bohemian drifter ways and lifestyle, art fully embraced can touch some in ways that is too dangerous to be handled.

In a simple dinghy, filled with hopes, dreams, and motivations, artists willingly paddle out into the mouth of a creative hurricane. In there, many will capsize and sink to a sandy bed below, but a select few will maintain their balance; but, only a few.

Bursting forth from the clouds above, lightning flashes will provide brief glimpses into new ideas or allow an artist to see their work in a different light. But these moments of illumination are brief, so an artist is regularly working in darkness; guided only by the feelings of what inspired them.

As they work, the ocean waves, towering higher than any building made by man, crash into them and attempt to break up their concentration. But, the few who maintain their focus and discipline will create amazing pieces of art underneath these combative restrictions. These disciplinarians are not people with nerves of steel; rather, they are artists who embrace the nature of chaos and thrive within it.

Though there will be some who survive and thrive, many will not. These fallen others make up the majority of our inspired hopefuls. Below the waters and now resting upon a calm sandy floor, there they will stay; buried over time with their dreams still inside them.

Every one of these creative hopefuls left the security of the shore for this hurricane, willingly. Pulled by a source of instinct unknown by anyone, against the warnings and wishes of their family and peers, live or die, they risk it all for their artistic pursuits.

Now that we have covered how art is a risk willingly taken amongst every artist, I would like to close out this post with an acknowledgment to each artist; those soon to join this storm, those out here with us already, and those who have fallen.

To my fellow artists who are about to jump into their own dinghy and join the rough seas within this creative hurricane, I salute you and wish you all the best. While others may say you are a little crazy to go on this adventure, they misunderstand; we artists are actually a lot crazier than a little.

And, to my fellow artists who are already out here in your own dinghy pursuing your life’s work, I salute you as well. The seas are rough, the waves are high, and the pressures are extreme, but still, here we are. Hopefully, some of us will survive this madness and make great art.

Now, to the artists who have come and gone, resting on the seafloor below before you were able to express all that you wish you had — I drink to you.

Be well, my friends.

— MT

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Dederichs, T. D. (2018, April 25). huge waves at daytime [Photograph]. Unsplash.



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