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Casper of the Halloween Party

Photo by David Menidrey on Unsplash

Kids are getting prepared to have a party this year. It is warm inside the hospital. The story is in between us: Alice, Wonder and Ocean.


My name is Alice. I have sickle cell disease. My bones hurt. It hurts when I am studying for exams, or in rehearsal of the graduation party. My mom is the closest to me, who understands and advocates me. This year the pain came two days before Halloween. My costume was ready, we bought with mom last week in the neighbour mall. We are heading to hospital now, so they can relieve my pain. It is better to grab my costume in case I spend some days in the hospital.


I have a car about a meter length, has two seats. I am the driver. We are driving with dad in the hall of the hospital. Tomorrow is Halloween party. I will go to the party with my car. Doctors are treating me as I have bone tumor. It is not bad in here. We have lots of toys.


Last year I spent Christmas in the hospital. My hope was to go trick and treat around our house for the Halloween this year. I bought my costume and empty candy box. I will collect orange, purple, yellow candies this year. They are fruit like delicious. But I have been feeling sick last two days. My parents are brought me to the doctor today. It looks like they need to give me blood in the hospital. It is better I brought my sketchbook with me, I can copy the view from my window. And my headphones, to keep me busy and relax. Halloween is tomorrow.

Halloween is the time to make fun of our fears.

Motivation is one of the most important keys to success. It inspires action and keeps you going when times get tough. Find your motivation and keep it with our motivational stories!

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